Hey, there, and welcome to sex toys for the broke and unfamous! I’m nebulia, your neighborhood reviewer.

I’m a 24-year-old fat queer kinky lady. I’m broke as fuck, so as well as reviewing sex toys, I’m definitely going to try and point out the best bangs for your buck that still happen to be body-safe. Shopping for body-safe toys within my budget is a regular challenge, and I’m sure I’m not alone in the world. I’ll also try to keep you updated, as any good reviewer should, on any sales and deals going on. This blog is still a work in progress, so updates to informative pages will be frequent. Wanna learn a little more about me? Go here!

You can access my toybox, and a full list of reviews, here.

My most recent reviews and posts are here.

Good Vibrations Sex Ed Series: How to Choose a Dildo.


Tantus, Inc.

Early to Bed


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