Review: Tantus Scout

The Scout is a delightful dildo from the masters at Tantus. It’s my first Tantus dildo, and it basically confirmed that I want to buy out everything they’ve ever made. (It didn’t help that I also purchased the Ryder, so both my butt and my vag are STOKED about Tantus right now.)


Other than it being black, it’s a relatively realistic, moderately sized cock with balls. It’s not harness compatible. According to Tantus, it’s 5.5″ long and 1.5″ inches wide. According to me and my tape measure, it’s a little over 6.5″ long with 5.5″ being insertable, and at its widest point (the ridge of the head), a little more than 1.75″ wide, with the shaft being solidly 1.5″.



Like all Tantus toys, the Scout comes in fairly minimal packaging–a plastic box with an plastic insert inside holding it in place. I’ve seen the packaging before in stores and online, but it was really nice to look at it and see that they don’t have any excess or anything, and there’s not a whole lot to throw away. I appreciate the eco-friendliness. It doesn’t come with a storage bag, which is a shame, or a manual, though it’s not really necessary. If my toys don’t come with bags I put them in a plastic baggie just to ensure safety and also minimal lint pick-up, but ymmv.

Tantus describes the Scout as “a manageable size that’s perfect for most men,” and I viewed that as a personal challenge. Well, that and it was also of a size and price that I was looking for. And I’ll be honest, I haven’t tried it anally yet, but I really did buy it for vaginal use anyway. However, vaginally, it’s also pretty perfect for at least this woman. It’s got a little give, but it’s still firm. It has a little more weight to it than I was expecting–it’s not heavy by any means, but just very solid. The balls (which definitely would make it a good anal toy, because they make–intentionally or not–a great handle and also would keep it from slipping all the way inside you) are kind of weighty and nice. I quickly found that I like using the balls as a handle (so I suppose I use it upside down, but it’s a dildo so I can use it however I want), however, when I grip the base at the top and thrust with it, the balls are–well, they don’t really smack against you or anything (unless you’re thrusting really hard); the silicone is too firm for that. But they do sort of satisfyingly meet your body. Holding it balls-down makes for some really nice pleasure while thrusting, and also freed up my clit. Holding it balls-up means I’ve got a better handle (while sitting or on my back, my preferred masturbation situations), and that with a little bit of pressure, I could access my g-spot surprisingly well.

Now, Scout is not designed to be a g-spot toy (or, according to the description, for ladies at all. I’m joking. Mostly). However, it definitely hit me right there. The first time I used it, I was thrusting with my right hand, a clit vibe in my left, and it didn’t take much time at all before I squirted. Additionally–and this is a pretty rare occurrence for me–I squirted before I took the toy out, while I was still thrusting with it. It was actually a little surprising. But awesome. I think what did it for me is really the fact that this is a little bit of a girthier toy for me, and it fills me up just right, so there’s a little incidental g-spot stimulation. If I push it up while I’m pushing in, bang, there it is, touching my g-spot. It’s literally the perfect length–i can bottom the toy out without bottoming out my vagina, but only just (I really can’t get much more 5.75″ in there length-wise) and it’s a slight stretch, but not overwhelming, even if it’s one of the thickest toys I own. To be honest, I can reach my g-spot holding it not upside down as well, but it takes a little bit more angling.

The silicone here isn’t Tantus’ shiniest silicone, but it definitely doesn’t drag like my fun factory toys and my comet g wand do. It’s a medium sort of dragginess. It definitely has some veins, including a prominent one along the underside of the shaft, but the only real texture I noticed was the ridge of the head, which is noticeable on insertion and removal. I really think only people who seriously don’t care for texture will have an issue with it. Personally, I like some texture, and so I liked the ridge a lot, and sometimes wished it were more pronounced. It wasn’t difficult to insert at all–a little lube and it slipped right in. Likewise, it’s easy to remove as well; it doesn’t catch on my pubic bone or feel like it’s pulling me inside out.

This toy also really solidified for me that even if I’m not into length because my vagina is only so long (no word on how i feel about serious length anally yet, I haven’t played around with that much), I’m definitely into thicker stuff. I used a little lube right off the bat but once I got going I didn’t need anything (but I get very wet very easily) and goddamn, I really enjoyed how full I felt. Definitely a big change from my first toy five years ago (the Rock-Chick, which is really not all that thick) and putting it in and going, “Ow.” And frankly, a couple of times I dug it out to play with it and I wanted something thicker. I expect that from a few of my other toys, but I was surprised since this toy is thicker than anything else I own, while not at size queen levels of thickness. I regularly use Scout not for g-spot stimulation, but just because it feels good inside me. It feels good to clench around. It feels good to thrust. It feels good to push it in all the way and grind down on it. It just feels really nice. I’ll literally just jack off with it with no planning for future orgasms, enjoying how it feels. I never thought I’d be so into penetration, but it’s been building to this for a while, so there you go.

There really aren’t a whole lot of downsides to this guy, other than it might be, for some people, kind of bland. And as I continue on in my life, I might come back in a year or two and feel the same. However, that simpleness is also what makes it a really nice dildo. It’s kind of a Goldilocks dildo–not too long, not too short, not too thick, not too thin. It’s got a wee bit of texture, but it’s not overwhelming. It’s easy to use. I think it’d especially be good for people who are wanting to experiment with something a little thicker than most toys.

I bought the Scout for a brilliant $24.75 USD, where full price at Tantus Inc.’s website is $71.25. “What the fuck, neb,” you say. I respond: the Scout is (as of purchasing on April 8 and writing on April 20) currently on sale for $33 at PinkCherry (from their listed price of $70). This is as big a deal as it seems; Tantus makes some of the highest-quality 100% silicone toys ever, and they’re fucking awesome. Additionally, I purchased it during PinkCherry‘s spring sale, which gave me 25% off my order. Unfortunately, that sale has ended, but a good dildo for $33 is still a steal. Shevibe is also having a sale on Tantus right now and you can get it there for $48.44. Both Shevibe and PinkCherry also have shipping deals–for PinkCherry it’s free shipping over $49 and at SheVibe it’s free over $75.


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