Review: Icicles No. 5

Sex toys made of glass are pretty awesome. Here’s why:

  1. To the unwary ear, they make you look hardcore as fuck. You put glass in your sensitive bits? Hell yes I do.
  2. They have weight that toys made of more common materials don’t. A glass toy is heavy.
  3. They’re easy to clean–like your drinking glasses and your pyrex, they’re dishwasher safe. You could spray it down with clorox if you wanted (though I’d recommend washing it with something a little more gentle before using it internally). They’re nonporous. While drastic temperature change is not recommended with glass, borosilicate/pyrex toys can still be boiled (just put the toy in the water well before it starts to boil), and all glass toys are super easy to sanitize with a 10% bleach solution.
  4. They don’t eat lube the way silicone does; the material itself is smooth even if the textures are extreme, which is good, because:
  5. They don’t have any give. Clenching around a glass toy is a vastly different, and more intense, feeling than clenching around a toy that is made of silicone, even very firm silicone.
  6. Many are made of Pyrex-type (borosilicate) glass. Which means a) they’re hard to break, b) if, god forbid, they do break, they break into large chunks that are easier to clean up and less likely to cut you, and c) haven’t you always wanted a sex toy made out of the same stuff that’s been a staple of your kitchen since you lived in a dorm room and didn’t have a kitchen? Because I have. Or at least, when I heard they existed, I thought Pyrex glass sex toys sounded like the most radical thing in the world. Maybe that’s just me. (some glass toys, like the drool-worthy Fucking Sculptures, are made of soda-lime glass, which, while not quite as resistant to temperature change as borosilicate glass (don’t boil!), are just as safe, just as difficult to break, just as non-porous, and allow for different effects with regards to color and design).
  7. It conducts temperature well, so putting the toy in warm or cool water, or sticking it in the fridge for a bit, can make for some awesome temperature play.
  8. Should you drop it, thus either breaking it or ruining its integrity (don’t use a glass toy if you’ve dropped it on a hard surface, sort of like your bicycle helmet), you can recycle it!

Basically, glass toys are awesome, and I knew that well before I ever owned one.


Currently I only own two: a butt plug by gläs, and the Icicles No. 5, and they’re both beautiful.  IMG_20140414_131842301

The Icicles line is a great place to begin if you want to try glass toys; they’re inexpensive and come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. They’re made by Pipedream, one of the big sex toys companies which is a company that operates with some questionable ethics (and materials), and generally I don’t recommend them, but the Icicles line is actually really nice for the most part. There are no concerns about the safety of these toys, glass being body-safe, and it’s a great place to find a first (or, in my case, second) glass toy. I’ve heard some reviewers mention that for some of the Icicles toy, color and external finish can flake off–however, with No. 5, the blue is in the glass, and not painted or stained onto it. It’s probably the longest dildo I own, at about 7.25 usable inches, and at its widest, it’s 1.5″ in diameter. Most of the shaft is not so wide, though, a little more than an inch It’s vaguely phallic, with a head and shaft, slightly curved, and there is a blue spiral around the shaft that provides mild but delicious texture.

IMG_20140414_131805831IMG_20140414_131725542IMG_20140414_131701209This dildo comes in a pretty, if indiscreet, box (that calls the dildo a massager, which is hilarious), and inside there’s styrofoam packaging designed to fit the dildo perfectly. While I despair a little at styrofoam and it’s eco-unfriendliness (I thoroughly appreciate recyclable packaging), the packaging is secure enough that I could hold it upside down and the dildo wouldn’t fall out (I tried this on my bed, and do not recommend it just in case). Which means that I’ve been using that styrofoam as storage for the dildo, to great success. While it’s a little bulky for the dildo, it stacks nicely and I know it’s going to be safe. Since that particular storage option means that the toy is out to the open air, if you follow my example and use the styrofoam as storage I’d recommend rinsing any dust off before using it.

As glass has no give, this dildo, though not thick, still may need a warmup for beginners. It doesn’t eat your lube, but I like to apply a fair amount when I use it, because I can feel every millimeter. The texture here is awesome–the glass itself is smooth, but the ridged spiral is definitely noticeable against my vaginal walls. I can’t insert this toy fully, but its slight curve means allows for mild G-spot stimulation, more if you’re aiming for your g-spot and angling your thrusts. This is also the toy that lead to my discovery of my anterior fornix, and it still stimulates it really well, leading to some incredibly intense orgasms. However, its material does mean you ought to be careful, because it’s very easy to thrust too hard with this toy and end up with bruised insides.  That doesn’t mean you can’t use it hard (see below), but it’s much easier to thrust hard with it when you’re using it by yourself than with a partner who isn’t aware of what’s going on and can’t feel what’s going on inside you. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it with a partner! Using glass toys with a partner, especially one like this, which can be a little long for many vaginas, can be very rewarding, since, unless you know each other very well, it does mean you have to communicate with them about what’s working and how far and hard they can thrust.

IMG_20140414_131854033If I don’t use enough lube, and I thrust vigorously, I will say that the ridges can feel a little abrasive. However, this is one of my first toys with texture like this, and I can go back to thrusting vigorously after a re-application of lube, the texture again glorious and not grating. I’ve come to realize that my normal stingy application doesn’t go far enough with this particular toy if I’m wanting to really work up a fast rhythm with it. However, I’ll again say that glass holds lubricant for much longer than silicone does, so proper application and I can go to town without worrying.

Icicles No. 5 also has a flared base, so it is harness and anal-safe. Glass toys generally do not work well in harnesses, because of their weight, but I’m not going to stop you from giving this one a shot if you wanted to. It is, however, one of my favorite toys to use anally. While I enjoy anal, my long, fat torso means that I have a hard time actually reaching my butt, so using it anally requires a fair amount of acrobatics (I really just need to suck it up and get one of those wedges), and my short reach means I can’t thrust it with a lot of force or speed. However, I love its texture when I thrust it in and out of my ass, and I can, in fact, insert it all the way anally. I’m much more fond of active anal play than I am of butt plugs, and this is one of my favorite anal toys. Because it is so smooth, it’s very easy to insert and again, a little lube goes a long way. I would love to give this toy a handle so I could really play around with it anally, because it’s probably my favorite anal toy right now. While I can’t feel the texture inside my ass like I can in my vagina, I can feel it when I’m thrusting with it, and the feeling of those ridges popping into my ass can make me noticeably wetter. And since it’s glass, I’m so fond of how easy it is to clean and sanitize it, which means it pulls a lot of double duty as both an anal and vaginal toy.

Icicles toys are made of borosilicate/pyrex-type glass, so they are dishwasher-safe, and you can boil them. If you do boil it, I’d put a dishcloth in the pot, and set the dildo in before the water boils, to prevent either the pot or the dildo from becoming scratched. You can also clean it with a 10% bleach solution. It’s friendly to all lubes. If you drop it, it will probably not break. However, like dropping a Pyrex dish, dropping a glass toy without breakage generally  means the integrity of the glass has been ruined (a safety feature designed to protect you from broken glass). It’s still highly unlikely it’ll break in your vagina, but it does mean that dropping it a second time will probably break it, and you should recycle it.

Icicles No. 5 is, at full price, about $30, and it’s available on SheVibe right now for $23.99. If you’re looking to explore some texture, or a glass toy, but don’t want to try anything too expensive, this might be a good toy for you.



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