Review: We-Vibe Tango

a note: I do not have the updated Tango. From what I understand after perusing their website, several of these problems have been fixed.

There’s good news and there’s bad news about the We-Vibe Tango. It’s mostly good news, but I’m going to start with the bad news first.


thanks to RTD for their metro card for scale comparison!

IMG_20140430_154910915Things I didn’t like about the We-Vibe Tango:

  • No warning when the power will die. The Tango literally died on me mid-orgasm. I’m not even kidding. It was a really good one too. One second it’s going, the next second it’s not. The new tango has added a flashing low-power indicator at the base of the vibe; tbh, I’m not sure if that’s effective or not, because it’s not like you can see that when you’ve got it pressing against your clit, and from what I’ve heard from other people, it can flash as much as 20 minutes or more before it dies, which, while giving you plenty of time to come, could also worry you unnecessarily. Of course, I’m not really sure what else would be ideal? Maybe a vibration pattern that’s different than all the others (oh man, it would be amazing if, when the battery is low, they had it vibrate S.O.S. in morse code or something! I’m a fucking genius, man. vibrator companies, take note).
  • Length it holds the charge–I’d say 90 minutes, tops. Less if you’ve got it on high speed. I’d love for it to hold a charge for a little bit longer.
  • The charging station is not great–it’s a magnetic charging station, and the magnets aren’t strong, but as long as you keep it still in one place, it’ll be ok. Maybe. If it’s a good place. additionally, there is a light. the light is on when it’s charging, and off when it’s done or not properly connected. but it could be done charging, or it could be not properly connected, there’s no way to tell which is which. Furthermore, it’s round and the plug is in the base, so it charges on its side, but the shape of the station is kind of wonky for that, and i think contributes to how easily it can be disconnected. I know the updated Tango has a differently-shaped charging station, so perhaps this issue has been resolved.
  • It is super hand-numbing. (not super vulva-numbing, though, even when I tried to make it numb my vulva—which is not really something I personally do in my usual masturbatory habits.) However, with a small vibrator of this s
  • It can be hard to turn off–the button on the bottom needs to be held down for longer than i always think it does so sometimes i end up changing levels instead of turning it off, especially if my fingers are slippery. I’ve never accidentally switched to a different power level, however.


IMG_20140430_154925512Things I liked about the We-Vibe Tango:

  • Versatility! Shaped like lipstick, the Tango has both an easily accessible pointy tip for when I want pinpoint stimulation (which I’m usually not into) and a flat, tapered surface for broader stimulation. I guess it could also be inserted internally (not anally, though), but it’s really not designed for that, and it’s a pretty much too small for truly safe internal insertion at all, and additionally I don’t see it being overly pleasurable for most people.
  • Strength! My goodness, this thing is strong. It’s the first vibrator I’ve ever had where I’ve occasionally had to use another vibrator to warm up with, because i’m not quite ready for the stuff that’s about to go down on my clitoris. But I can come with it on its first (of four) levels–though usually i go up to the second or third.
  • along with that, rumbliness. the tango sounds like a tiny little motorcycle. I’ve never had a vibrator sound like a tiny motorcycle. usually they sound like tiny mopeds. this is another reason my clit can’t always go from 0 to Tango, unless i’m already really turned on. It’s just way too intense at first. And sometimes, the tango, like the Hitachi, is just too much for me, just after my period or when i’m feeling particularly sensitive. Additionally, I am capable of squirting due to strong clitoral stimulation. And sometimes I’m just chugging away in bed or whatever, Tango down my pants, and then suddenly it’s like–fuck, I should have planned this masturbation session, because if I keep going I will squirt all over the bed. Which, like, I don’t want to turn down a good squirting orgasm. But I really don’t want to change my sheets. However, take that as a barometer for how strong it can be. Like my Hitachi, I can squirt with it without vaginal stimulation. But it’s just less…less than the Hitachi. Less vulva-numbing, less enormous, less difficult to travel with, less porous, less dangerous to put in water, etc. etc. etc. And it’s far more versatile than a wand vibrator. In fact, when I went to visit my parents a couple weeks ago, the Tango was the only toy I took with me. It passed through security with ease (I didn’t check a bag) and served me well at home.
  • There are four levels of speed and I like all of them at various points in time. There are also four patterns, but I only really like one, the wave, which is a tease in the best way. the others are okay. the cha-cha-cha totally numbs my hand faster than anything. but frankly, liking 1 out of 4 patterns is a pretty great percentage for me. usually i like 0 out of 4 so…well done, we-vibe.
  • Sound–this isn’t a totally silent vibrator, but it’s considerably quieter than the Hitachi, and if I lived with someone who i didn’t want to hear me masturbating (that was a terrible clause, I’m so sorry), I think, unless the walls were cardboard, that I could masturbate in the next room without them knowing. Certainly if I did it under bed covers.
  • Shape/size–aside from the lipstick thing, the Tango fits in basically all bullet vibe holes. I tried it with every toy I own that has a bullet vibe hole, and it fit in all of them. And it’s more powerful than basically any other bullet vibe that probably exists.
  • Ease of cleaning–it’s very easy to clean. nuff said. It’s nonporous and body-safe. It is completely waterproof, so you can use it in the shower and it’s easily cleaned. Soap and water will clean it up fine; I’d avoid boiling it because it does have a motor. It is ABS thermoplastic and if it needs sanitizing, I would spray it down with a 10% bleach solution. There aren’t any seams, it’s a very easy clean.
  • storage–the Tango comes with a little satin bag that is big enough to hold toy, charging base, and cord, as well as the manual. This pleases me. Storage bags make me happy.

Overall, though, if you’re looking for a powerful bullet vibe, this is hands down the one to get. It’s reliable, the new version has a better charging station and warning lights, it’s strong, and it is generally excellent. It’s definitely worth the money for it.

You can get the We-Vibe Tango at SheVibe for $79.99, PinkCherry Sex Toys for $75.99 and at Early To Bed for $79. As always, if you purchase from these links, I’ll get a commission, so please do that if you can! Additionally, PinkCherry is having a 25% off sale with the coupon code BLOWOUT, and shipping is free over $49.



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