Review: Echo Handle

While a this toy provides a texture I like, and its handle is A-fucking-plus, it’s not my favorite dildo of all time. But don’t write it off yet!


IMG_20140710_142744432The Echo Handle is 11.5 inches total; the insertable length (as indicated by the quality of the silicone) is a little over seven inches. The dildo portion of the handle is Tantus’ shiny silicone, so it provides a fair amount of drag without any lubricant, and loves lint like my cat loves squeaky toys, but with water-based lubricant, it’s very easy and smooth to insert. It’s a little over 7 inches long. The handle is a rougher silicone that I found was easy to grip when wet, lubey, and/or covered in squirt, and a little over 4 inches long. At its widest, the first and largest ridge, it is 1.5 inches in diameter and about 4.75 inches in circumference.  It has a flared base, and so while it’s not harness compatible, it is safe for anal play, and I’ve found, a pretty good toy for anal shenanigans if you can handle the width and texture.

I’ve heard really good things about the Echo and its handled counterpart, but I chose the Echo Handle because I wanted something that I was going to have an easier time to use anally than I do a lot of toys. When I found out it was available via the grab bag, for less than half of its going price (actually, even less, as I got it in a 40% off sale of the grab bags), I was stoked, and even though I knew I wasn’t going to have a choice of color, I snapped it up immediately.

Color isn’t a big deal to me. I don’t really care for pink, but I’m also not a huge hater of it either, and I don’t have any issue with realistic colored dildos, either–though sometimes the uncanny valley gets to me, so if given another option, I’ll almost always choose the other option.

IMG_20140710_142850425The Echo Handle is a pale color that wouldn’t be flesh-colored to anyone other than me and my vampire-white skin. However, being from the Grab Bag, it has some dark lines in it. At first, I thought it might be dirt, but they’re embedded in the silicone, simply a different color–this toy definitely reflects the color changes mentioned the Grab Bags’ description. There’s no problem with that, other than I find myself occasionally trying to brush what I think is cat hair and what is actually those dark lines in the silicone.

In use vaginally, the Echo Handle is great. I’ve professed my love for ridges before, and this is a dildo all about ridges. Five of them, to be exact, each one slightly smaller than the previous. The first ridge, however, that defines an almost-phallic head, is considerably larger than the next four. I found that, when very aroused, those four ridges were significantly less noticeable than the first ridge, to the point where, for me, they were negligible. Were all five of the ridges the same circumference, or each became smaller at the same rate, rather than the first one being the most prominent, I think I might have had a different reaction to them (ftr, I’ve heard that the non-handled Echo’s ridges are more pronounced, so perhaps I would be more enthusiastic about them if I had that version). Additionally, I think it’s pretty obvious that this dildo’s texture is pretty pronounced–I’m very into this sort of texture, so someone who isn’t as into it might feel each of these ridges a lot more than I do.

IMG_20140710_142833868BUT! That doesn’t stop the Echo Handle from doing really nice things to me! What texture I can feel I like, and the handle means I can use it from all sorts of positions, from sitting in my shower stall to standing to lying down. Its prominent head is great for my g-spot and as previously mentioned, that first ridge does a whole hell of a lot of good for me. The handle gives me more leverage for thrusting, and the dildo has the perfect degree of flexibility to be firm against my g-spot but also bend to suit my anatomy. It doesn’t catch on my pubic bone painfully, even if I’m in a position where things usually do.  This is, probably unsurprisingly, a great thrusting toy, and so it also means that for me it’s a great toy for squirting.

Anally, I liked this toy, but not as much as I did vaginally. I’m at about an intermediate level of anal play, and this toy, while easy to insert while I’m warmed up, is about as wide as I can go. I wasn’t as into the texture and the ridges anally, or perhaps the ridges combined with the size, which is interesting, because I love the slightly milder texture on Icicles No. 5 anally, and the Echo Handle is only slightly wider than No. 5, and made of a more forgiving substance. However, the handle and the ease of use that that gave me really enhanced my anal play in ways that made this one of my favorite dildos to use in my ass. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve a long torso and I’m fat, so I have a fairly short reach when it comes to using toys anally; but I much prefer active anal play–probes and dildos–than butt plugs. So, for having a toy I can use easily without acrobatics, I’m willing to forgive that it isn’t my favorite shape or texture. But at this stage in my experience with anal play, I’d prefer something a little thinner, if it’s going to have this texture. While it’s not the perfect anal toy for me, I still like it.

IMG_20140710_142809824I can’t insert this toy comfortably all the way vaginally or anally. In most positions and standard levels of arousal, I can only insert the toy vaginally through the first four ridges. However, that doesn’t stop me from enjoying it. However, because it does have a handle and it is a longer toy for me, it means I can get carried away and insert it too far for comfort while thrusting with it, especially on or around my period. I’ve mentioned taking caution with inserting vaginal toys deeply because you can cause discomfort to your cervix,  but I used this toy two weeks ago on the first day of my period, and legitimately bruised my cervix in a way that hurt not only when I was masturbating, but also just, moving around. Like, different than cramping or other uterine pain, this felt very similar to an epidermal bruise, and lasted for around a week. So don’t follow my example; if you know your cervix is sensitive around your period, do be careful.

This is definitely a dildo I like, and the handle and the ease of use that it gives me makes up for a lot of the things it doesn’t do for me. It definitely gives me a lot more access both vaginally and anally (but especially anally), and allows me to use this toy in ways I don’t get to necessarily use toys, and that makes up for the ways it doesn’t work for me. And people who aren’t as into ridged texture as I am will probably find the ridges here very sufficient. Like all Tantus silicone; it’s easy to clean–antibacterial soap and water will do, or if you need to sanitize it, you can boil it for three minutes, or spray it down with a 10% bleach solution.

You can get the Echo Handle through the Tantus Grab Bag for a fabulous $26.99, if you don’t mind not choosing your color. You can also get it in purple and pink for $57.65 at Tantus, $50.99 at Shevibe,  and in purple at Early 2 Bed for $59.00–so even if you buy it full price it’s not unreasonable.

Some sales going on this week (by no means a complete list):

  • Bondara is having a sale on vibrators, some up to 70% off (you may have to sort through some less-than-ideal toys to find body-safe options)
  • PinkCherry is having a 25% off sale to celebrate the LoveHoney Bettie Page line with the code BETTIE (again, sorting is required)
  • PinkCherry is also offering a free dual stimulator vibe with a purchase of over $99. No word on quality–an email said it would be a WeVibe Thrill; however the website is saying this is the one you’ll get, which is made of ABS rubber and jelly, so if you do shop there, I’d probably toss that out.
  • SheVibe is having a 15% off sale on all Bodywand, Pipedream, California Exotic Novelties, and Seagrape (bath and body) products, so it might be a good time to check out the Icicles line there! I can’t say much about Bodywand massagers other than once I got a really cute wee vibrator that was very buzzy and ineffective but cute as fuck.  I’m contemplating getting another wand just to see about trying something that isn’t my Hitachi, so maybe I’ll check out that sale, haha. 🙂


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