Review: PicoBong Ako

I wanted to do this review within a few days of my review of the Zizo, mostly because they are similar toys. They are, from what I can tell, the same motor, they both take two AAA batteries, they have the same vibration settings and patterns.

But for some reason, my clit hates this toy. Hates it. When it hears it coming, it disappears into the recesses of my body and becomes impossible to locate.  The Ako and my body are wildly incompatible in ways I didn’t even know were possible. In fact, it’s almost impossible for me to come with the Ako alone.


IMG_20140611_230626259 The Ako is made almost identical to the Zizo–the same rigid, buttery smooth silicone, the same too-easily-removable cap, the same buttons on the side of the vibrator. I even got it in the same color. I have the same worries about the cap popping off, and its lack of o-ring and claim to watertightness, even after I used it successfully in the shower (by success I mean without it dying or electrocuting me, not an orgasm). Like with the Zizo, I was pleasantly surprised by the vibrations, the same 6/10 vrooms (10 being the fourth setting on the Tango) and moderate rumbliness.

IMG_20140727_115219581 IMG_20140727_115224371The issue, I think, is the shape. Initially, looking at this vibrator, I thought I would love the shape. The vibe itself is quite ergonomic and easy to hold. However, the bottom of the vibe has a flat portion that slowly tapers until it meets a sort of peak that has been created by the vibe curving around the top. This peak is, presumably, where your clit goes, and the flat portion is there to accommodate for your pubic mound. If that makes sense. I’ve included pictures on the left to hopefully get the point across better. Okay, this all makes sense.

Unfortunately, that…just does not work for me. I’ve mentioned before that pinpoint stimulation is often too intense for my clit and I have to back off. That’s not really the problem here. The problem is that when I spread my labia and nudge this vibe into place, my clit is nowhere to be found. Like, it just vanishes. I can’t fucking find my clit. No matter how I position it, no matter how aroused I am–I could have been tugging at my clit with my fingers (not a normal masturbatory technique of mine) and then immediately try and put this vibrator to work and poof. No clit. It’s very strange and unpleasant.

Now, I know clits just don’t disappear, so I’m chalking this up as an utter failure to comply to my anatomy. And given that I personally only have one anatomy, but there are hundreds of clitoral vibrators on the market, I’m moving the fuck on.

IMG_20140727_120538092But there’s more bad news to tell you. In addition to being totally incompatible with my body, this vibe has a bigger problem–and that is the button issue. Like with the Zizo, the buttons are on the side of the body. That’s not such a big deal with the Zizo–you’ve got well over four inches of insertable length before you get to the buttons, and if you’re using it clitorally, the buttons are even located in a really nice spot. But the picture to the right is a rough approximation of how I hold this vibrator while I’m masturbating. You’ll notice my thumb rests, more or less unconsciously, very near, if not on, the – button. Which means that I regularly, due to being the sort of person who uses a lot of pressure, end up accidentally turning the vibrator down or off in use. Combine that with the Ako’s actions when the battery dies (to quote my Zizo review: “When the batteries die, the toy just sort of sadly revs up when you turn it on and then dies to its lowest, barely-vibrating-at-all setting. And then revs up, and then dies. And then revs up–you get the picture.”) and its two-hour-at-the-most battery life (read: not very damn long), and I often would get very confused while using this toy. “Is the battery dead already? I just replaced the batteries!” I would think, only to realize I had…inadvertently turned the toy completely off. This happened frequently.

Additionally, because clitoral vibrators frequently go down my pants when I’m really lazy or in a hurry, I do find myself occasionally twisting the cap off without meaning to. I really don’t like that at all.

The quality of this vibrator is pretty good! And I commend Lelo for trying to find a balance between a toy that’s high quality and a toy that’s inexpensive with PicoBong (PicoBong being their child company). However, the Ako is not the toy for me, at all. And unless you know this is a shape that works for you, I really can’t recommend it.

If you really, really want this vibe, you can get it for $31.99 at SheVibe and $35.99 at PinkCherry. It comes in the blue I have (which is admittedly a very nice color), as well as purple and pink/cerise.


A couple sale updates:

  • Tantus is having a sitewide 30% off sale with the code WETNWILD for the month of July (HELL YES.)
  • Bondara is offering an extra 10% off all clearance items with the code CLEARANCE10
  • Shevibe is offering 15% off all BS Is Nice products through till the end of today (7/27), as well as still having rad shenanigans celebrating their eighth anniversary
  • PinkCherry is still having 25% off sitewide, now with the code FIFTY
  • Good Vibrations is offering 15% off orders over $75, 20% off orders over $100, and 25% off orders over $150 through tomorrow (7/28)


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