Burlesque Toy Shop

I’ve just become an affiliate for Burlesque Toy Shop, an awesome new feminist, sex positive, body-safe online shop! Usually I wouldn’t post just to talk about a new affiliate, but there’s a lot of awesome to unpack, so:

This is a fantastic company, who really want to provide a shopping experience that is safe and comfortable for everyone. They only allow non-toxic toys, and their collection is really awesome. They also sell a lot of really cool lingerie, if you’re into that (unfortunately, they currently don’t offer much in terms of extended sizing, but I hope they will eventually). And they’re also a big supporter of military couples who have to be apart for long tours of duty.

Right now, they’re online only, but they’re trying to open a brick-and-mortar shop in Philadelphia. They’ve got an Indiegogo campaign up and running and they need funds. I’m all for more sex shops that aren’t sketchy, poorly-lit havens of jelly dildos and terrible porn, and even if Philadelphia’s a considerable commute for me personally, I want people everywhere to have access to shops that aren’t the sketchy stereotype we tend to associate with sex shops.

Also, the indiegogo campaign has some great rewards, like lingerie, “Original erotic poetry by Rose Marie hand-typed on an old-school typewriter! Makes a sentimental gift to a lover!” (how fucking cool is that?), or–my personal favorite–a LELO Mona 2. I don’t own a Mona, but it’s kind of a dream toy–versatile and well-liked by a lot of people who tend to have a lot of varying opinions on toys. It’s rechargeable, waterproof, and can be used internally or externally. It’s also expensive as fuck ($139 is the regular price)–which is why I was so excited about this particular perk, because if you donate $99 you can select the Mona 2 reward. So not only are you contributing to an awesome shop expanding its base and helping to make sex and sex toys not something sketchy and dirty and secret, but you also are paying $20-$40 less than you would for a Mona on almost all stores online or brick-and-mortar. So if you’re looking to get the Mona, this might be a great way to get it at a much lower price than you’d find elsewhere! (They’re only offering 25, and two have been taken, so hurry yourself along!)

Regardless of whether or not you donate any money to their brick-and-mortar store, I highly recommend you poke around their website. It’s fun, well-designed, and their toy selection is great.


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