Review: Pleasure Works Maven

This is a sexy, sexy dildo large enough to give a nice full feeling but not size queen scary, with an excellent coronal ridge and head, and a nice curve that hits my g-spot without pummeling it into submission.


IMG_20140801_201732356Well, I’m mostly moved into my new apartment and so I’m back from this wee little hiatus I didn’t mean to take with a review for you!

The Maven is a dildo made by Pleasure Works, which is Good Vibrations’ in-house toy company. Good Vibes is an awesome sex-positive shop and with Pleasure Works they make silicone and body-safe toys that are really reasonably priced and high quality, as well as lube and other paraphernalia. Good Vibrations was kind enough to send me the Maven in exchange for an unbiased review.

The Maven has 7 3/4″ of useable length and is about 1 3/4″ in diameter and 4 3/4″ in circumference around the head. The shaft gets larger in circumference as it gets closer to the base; at its smallest point, below the head, it’s 1 5/8″ in diameter and 4 1/2″ in circumference and at the base it’s just about 2″ in diameter and 5 5/8″ in circumference.IMG_20140812_103212699 It does have a base, so it’s both anal safe and can be used in a harness. It’s also made of a fairly firm silicone, which means that it might be a good choice for a larger harnessed toy–it doesn’t droop like many toys do. I don’t have a harness, but when I held it up by its base, it stayed perpendicular quite well.

The Maven is semi-realistic–the head is very well-molded and there are veins on the shaft, but the head is the most realistic part of the dildo. Additionally, the head has a slightly different texture than the shaft, a little bit rougher. While this is a firm silicone, it still has some give. The silicone is matte; it’s not the lint-roller a lot of Tantus silicone is (I actually did once use my Vamp as a lint roller in an emergency; never let anyone tell you dildos aren’t multifunctional), but it does pick up its share of lint and cat hair. With a little bit of lube, though, insertion is very easy. It does only come in vaguely flesh-toned colors (or, food-toned, as they’re called Vanilla, Caramel, and Coffee; I have the vanilla), so if you’re not into flesh-toned realistic dildos, it might be a problem for you. I didn’t have any issues with the uncanny valley of “this dildo looks almost like a human being but not quite,” (which I sometimes do) with the Maven, but someone else may.

While generally I prefer a larger head on phallic-shaped dildos, the Maven has a really great coronal ridge. If you’ve been reading my reviews for very long, you know what that means: I’m automatically way more inclined to it. This ridge is also stiffer and more…flanged, I guess, than, for example, the ridge on the Tantus Vamp. That’s great for me, because it means it drags across the front of my vaginal walls, including my g-spot, really brilliantly.

The texture on the head is also really great. As I’ve mentioned, the Maven is a semi-realistic, leaning towards realistic, dildo, and the head is the most realistic part. It looks very much like a the glans of a cut penis, including the urethra. It also has a texture that is supposed to be similar to that of the skin head of an erect cock. Now, it’s admittedly been quite a while since I touched a dick, but as far as realism goes, it’s not bad. However, I thought this texture, a little rougher than the very smooth (and unrealistic) silicone of the shaft, was purely cosmetic.

Not so–the rougher aspect of the skin is definitely noticeable in my vagina. Not enough to be painful, or even to seriously consider this dildo a textured dildo. But you can feel the difference between the silicone on the head and the silicone on the shaft, and for me that was a really good feeling; the rougher silicone of the head dragged a little at my g-spot, but the smoothness of the shaft means insertion is easy.

Now I’m not one who feels a lot of texture; seams usually don’t bother me and I can’t feel the veins on the shaft of the Maven. But this subtle difference in texture between the head of the Maven and the shaft is really, really good.

IMG_20140801_201851031The Maven also has a great curve–it’s not a g-spotting toy specifically like the Comet G Wand or the Pure Wand might be, but it does curve enough for that nice ridged head to hit my g-spot and stimulate it really well, especially if I’m not wanting to be overwhelmed by g-spot stimulation. If you are a prostate-wielding person (or a person whose g-spot can be stimulated anally), and can take the its girth, I think it would have a similar effect anally. This is a toy I can squirt easily with, though it’s not a guarantee.

So yeah, I like the Maven a whole fucking lot. I really love playing with my g-spot with it, whether it’s with deep long thrusts so the ridge drags against it, or short well-aimed thrusts designed to it my g-spot just right. It feels great. The smaller head means I don’t need a warm-up with it, but it’s definitely enough to make me feel full, and I love the just-barely rough texture of the head and the coronal ridge against my vaginal walls, or popping the ridge out just a little and sliding it back in.

Perhaps the only issue I have with it is that the shaft does get bigger as you get nearer to the base. Rather than the head being the largest part of the dildo, the base of the shaft is. Between this and my vagina not being overly fond of anything longer than 6 1/2 or 7 inches, I can’t insert this toy all the way. At my most aroused, there’s still usually about an inch of dick left when I push it in as far as is comfortable.

The wide shaft isn’t a problem, per se–I like the full feeling as it stretches me open, enough that I’m thinking about looking at knotted dildos or other toys that widen again at the base. But I rarely can insert it even as far as I mentioned above–usually there’s two or three inches that doesn’t get inserted at all in a masturbation session, and if I’m not very warmed up, it does mean I can insert it to the point of pain without realizing that that’s what I’m going to do. Most of my dildos, the head is the largest part, so if I can get it in inserting the rest isn’t an issue. So perhaps that’s less a minus, and more of something I need to keep in mind when using this dildo.

IMG_20140801_201644449IMG_20140801_201620601IMG_20140801_201626325Cleaning the Maven is easy; antibacterial soap works just fine, and if you need to sanitize it, it’s 100% silicone and doesn’t have a motor, so you can boil it for three minutes or spray it down with a 10% bleach solution. It comes in a friendly, gender-neutral box that has a life-size picture of the dildo on it; inside the box it’s wrapped in plastic. Not a long term storage solution, but I liked the simplicity and eco-friendliness of the packaging.

The Maven is available for $60 USD at Good Vibrations, which is a really great price for a high-quality silicone dildo. Also at Good Vibes right now and through until Thursday the 14th, a $50 purchase gets you free shipping, a $65 purchase gets you two free gifts, and a $75 purchase gets you 15% off! So you should head on over there, take a look at the Maven, and check out all their other great toys and deals!



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