Review: Jopen Lust L2.5

Rechargeable, waterproof, ergonomic, rumbly, with a huge range –this is probably my favorite vibrator at the moment.



I love the We-Vibe Tango, and as far as bullet vibes go, it is about the best option you can get. However, I’m not a power queen, and sometimes, when I’m particularly sensitive, even its lowest level is way too strong for me. Additionally, I find it finger-numbing and sometimes my clit wants something a little softer or I want broader stimulation.

Thus began my quest to find a small, waterproof, rechargeable, ergonomic vibe that worked for me, and was hopefully at a reasonable price point. It’s still a work in progress, to be honest–but the L2.5 is the closest I’ve gotten this far.

The only other Jopen toy I own is the Comet G Wand, and while I love the Comet forever and ever, the inclusion of a motor for a vibrator can make things wonky. From what I’ve observed, form and function of Jopen toys can be hit or miss, but the L2.5 seemed like something that would work with me. It had a broader tip that was appealing to me, and I liked that it was coated in silicone; I (correctly) assumed it would be a little softer than the ABS plastic Tango.


while not visible in the picture, there are the usual international disposal symbols around the charging hole.

The L2.5 is small–about 4″ long and an inch wide at the base, so much too small for insertion either vaginally or anally. It’s solely for external stimulation. It’s completely covered in silicone–there is a tiny hole at the base that the charger pushes into. Other reviewers have been a little more unsure about this sort of charging apparatus, but I personally really like it; it doesn’t feel like I’m breaking the toy–rather it seems to me to feel more secure when I charge it. Granted, I’m used to dealing with the totally insecure and unwieldy charger of the old Tango, so it gives me great peace of mind to push a charger into a hole that fits it perfectly and then clicks into place.

I love this shape; it’s very easy to hold even when slippery with lube (natural or otherwise) or water (this vibe is fully waterproof). Most strong, small vibes are eventually  finger-numbing, and while this one is no different, it a) isn’t as finger numbing as the Tango, and b) its shape makes it easier to hold. It has a larger base that shrinks to a smaller, ridged neck, and then spreads again in spear-shaped head. The head is broad enough for me to like, but it could also be used in a more pointed way. People who need really pinpoint stimulation might not find this vibe works well for them, but I find that the head’s shape can provide a wide level of stimulation from pointier to broader. The ridges on the neck can be used as grips, in a way, but they can also be used for stimulation of the labia minora or even the clitoris depending on how it’s being used.

To turn on the vibe, you press a button in the base of the vibe, and the vibrations start in the lowest level of vibrations. To increase the vibrations, press and hold the same button. To turn the vibe off, press the button briefly. There are no patterns, which I don’t mind, because there are very few patterns I’m really seriously into. I almost always prefer steady vibration, and I love the fact that I can increase the vibrations incrementally.

IMG_20140817_204329412Additionally, the L2.5 has a really functional charging/in use light. It’s located in the same spot as the single power/use blinks while it’s charging, and glows steadily when the charge is complete. When you turn it on, it glows; when you press down to increase the intensity, it flashes while the strength of the vibration increases. There’s also a travel lock; press the power button three quick times and the light glows briefly, and then goes off, locking the vibe. Likewise, to unlock it, press the button again three quick times and the light glows again and is then useable. I love this light. It’s just so functional and it works right and it does what it’s supposed to do–I can’t get over how much it just works. The only thing the light doesn’t do is provide you any sign that the battery is about to die–but usually I’m busy using the vibe anyway and don’t notice that sort of warning.

The quality of the L2.5’s vibrations really blew me away. These vibrations are almost as strong and rumbly as the Tango’s, but they start at a much lower speed. On the strongest speed, they’re not quite as strong as the Tango–I give it 8/10 vrooms, with 10 being the fourth and strongest Tango speed. The silicone, I think, muffles some of the motor’s power, and additionally when you hold the vibe your fingers muffle some of their strength, so that’s a minus. However, I don’t need massive power, and what I love the most about this vibe is that I can start at a really low intensity and ramp up the power when I get closer to orgasm. The fact that I can increase the power incrementally means that when I’m more sensitive I don’t have to jump up to a higher speed, but rather I can increase it just a little if I only need a little bit more to get me there.

On its top speed, the battery only lasts for about 30 minutes; however, the battery can last for up to three hours on its lowest speed. Since I rarely use the lowest or highest speeds for long, I find that for me the battery usually lasts anywhere from an hour and a half to two hours. When being used continuously on its highest speeds, it does get warm. It’s not hot enough to burn, but it’s definitely working in there. It’s never been a problem, but that sort of heat is always going to worry me.

One of the big issues for me with the L2.5 is that it charges via USB, and Jopen does not provide a wall adapters. This isn’t a deal-breaker; however, while USB technology is really nice (especially because the L2.5 is very travel-friendly, as I mentioned before), but I think companies think this is more convenient than it really is. My computer only has two USB ports; what if I need to charge more than two toys at a time? Additionally, I use a laptop and so to move it around with charging toys attached is a pain. It would be really nice if companies started to include wall adapters with their USB chargers.

IMG_20140611_161655251_HDRThe L2.5 comes in some of the prettiest, most discreet packaging ever. IMG_20140611_161742646_HDRThe only sign that you might be getting a sex toy is the fact that the line is called ‘Lust.’ It comes in a cute, springy box that matches the color options, and inside there is an informational pamphlet about the Lust line and an instructional sheet about charging the battery, turning the device on and off, and properly disposing of electronics. It does not, however, come with a storage bag. The box is sturdy enough to be storage, but it’s too big for me for what it’s storing.

As this vibe is completely silicone and waterproof, it’s easily cleaned with antibacterial soap. If you need to sanitize it, you can spray it down with a 10% bleach solution.

So, what is a vibe like this going for? Well, full price is $82.99. However, you can get it (in an inferior pink) at PinkCherry for $62.99, or at SheVibe in both pink and my beautiful springy green for $49.99, which is pretty damn good for a rechargeable, waterproof, nonporous body-safe vibrator. I was really impressed with this vibrator and look forward to trying out more vibes from the Lust line!



  1. Thanks for this review, I’ve actually been looking for a vibrator for a few weeks and this is helpful. It sounds great, but how loud is it? I have roommates and thin walls so I’m looking for something quiet.

    1. yes, it’s very quiet! i would say that with the door shut, even with thin walls, the person in the next room wouldn’t hear it–and if you wanted to be extra-careful, using it under bedcovers or in a shower would muffle the sound almost entirely even to you. 🙂

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