Labor Day Weekend Sales!!

Hey, y’all! Labor day is a great time to buy sex toys, because, like the rest of the commercial world, sex toy companies that do business in the US have sales!


Here’s a rundown of some of the fun and games that are going on this weekend.

  • Good Vibrations is having a 3 tier sale–15% off $75, 20% of $100, and 25% off $150. So if you’ve got some big purchases you’d like to make, now might be the time!
  • SheVibe is having quite a few sales, as they often do:
    • right now, through 8/31, they’re offering 15% off all Je Joue products! (Je Joue makes beautiful toys, and I’d like to try basically all of them, so, yeah.)
    • They’re also offering 15% off all Tantus products, and y’all know I looooove Tantus, so that’s an equally rad deal!
    • Up through September 9th, Sportsheets Harnesses are also 15% percent off,
    • Seagrape Sensual Travel Kits are 20% off,
    • Cheap Thrills (sexy costumes) are 50% off (but they don’t have extended sizes D:)
    • and JimmyJane’s Form 3 and Form 4 are 40% off and also have free shipping! I’ve not heard great things about the Form 3, but the Form 4’s gotten a couple decent reviews, and I’d like to try it out, JimmyJane’s pretentious hipster schtick aside, so–yeah.
  • PinkCherry’s newest 25% off coupon for their summer blowout is SUMMER, and almost everything is 25% off!
  • Tantus is offering, for this weekend, 15% off everything in the closeout section (which recently got some new additions; check it out) with the code WORKIT at checkout!

So yes, please go forth and have an awesome labor day weekend, and then soothe your “I have to go back to work” woes with some packages heading your way. 😉


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