Review: Pleasure Works Casanova

This is a really nice toy for anal beginners. And I’m not just saying that to try and sugarcoat a bad toy. It’s small, all-silicone, and not scary looking. Also, it’s a little sparkly!


IMG_20140801_202006571I would consider myself a solid intermediate in terms of anal play. I really enjoy the feeling of inserting items and removing them, kind of active anal play. I’m not as into more static play, like butt plugs, and I rarely insert a butt plug while masturbating vaginally.

That was why Casanova appealed to me. While it has a plug base, I loved that it was kind of a probe-like set of beads. It looked friendly and not too large (I have no desire to ever suffer from “my eyes were bigger than my ass” syndrome). It was magenta, but I could deal with that.

It was also a lot smaller than I was expecting. I mean, I had the stats in front of me: I knew it wasn’t going to be big. But I wasn’t expecting it to be so little.

IMG_20140801_202026226The Casanova is 3 1/2″ of usable length and about 4″ inches total, and it’s only 7/8″ wide. It’s super friendly and cute. It’s made of a really nice (magenta, as I mentioned) silicone that has what I think is the perfect level of flex for an anal toy–it’s bendy enough to be forgiving to your body cavities, but not so bendy that insertion is super hard. And there is a hint of something glittery in the silicone! I secretly love sparkly things, so I was thrilled; unfortunately, I couldn’t ever get a decent picture of it. It also has a fantastic base–it’s kind of rectangular, with very soft edges. It’s similar to the base of the Tantus Ryder, which is one of my favorite plugs, but I actually find the edges of that base (on the bottom) to be sharp enough to dig into my (overly generous) butt cheeks. The Casanova’s base’s edges are soft enough, and its silicone forgiving enough, that I don’t have that issue with it. Those of you with a short perineum wanting to use this toy for DP, though, might have a hard time getting vaginal access.

As I mentioned earlier, I had grand hopes of using this as a probe, and the little beads were great. I love the feeling of insertion around my rim, and I like the smoothness of the silicone combined with the texture of the beads. This silicone is matte, and thus does have a small amount of drag, but excessive water-based lube isn’t required.

But, as a probe or set of beads, it’s honestly too small for me. I liked the texture, and the feeling of the beads as I slid it in and out of my asshole, but I found that when I was masturbating with it it slipped out easily and threw off my groove. It just wasn’t a whole lot. I think I would probably like the Casanova’s big sibling, the Romeo, more, as it’s a little bit larger (6″ by 1″, according to Good Vibes).

And, as with all anal toys that I want to thrust with, I wished it had a handle, because I have short arms and a long torso and getting to my ass can be work. And honestly, if it had a handle, I think I would have had an easier time getting a rhythm with this particular toy–its smallness meant that I didn’t always have the best grip on it.

Basically, more toys should be made with handles. More smaller toys, as the Echo Handle is about the most I can take up my butt at this point in time and I’m not always game. But I’ve learned to live in a handle-less toy world. But. If anyone out there is listening…

IMG_20140801_202013925So, if you are an anal beginner, I can absolutely recommend this toy for you! It’s a little thicker, longer, and more textured than the average finger, so if you’ve been fingered or fingered yourself but you’d like to level up, it’s a great next step. It can be a good warm-up for bigger toys. And it’s at a great price point–$20 for a pure silicone toy.

I was actually mostly done with this review, and was sort of “meh,” when a conversation with Emma of Millennial Toybox on twitter had be reconsider this toy (for the record, she is rad and you should check her out). I mentioned that I had found it meh, and she said she really liked it as a plug. I honestly hadn’t really considered this toy as a plug, and so I went back to it.

And while as a plug to wear around or whatever it didn’t wow me–there are other plugs I like more, as a plug to masturbate with, I fell in love.

I’ve tried masturbating vaginally with plugs in before and I was never actually successful. My other butt plugs are too thick for me to actually be able to be comfortable with something in each hole. But the Casanova is so small while being textured that it’s a great plug to have in my ass while I am using a dildo, and it’s small enough and bendy enough that I don’t have any issues with the size of the dildo I’m using vaginally. I could use a glass dildo, a smaller dildo, and a large dildo all without pain, and they were all more pleasurable for the plug in my ass. The beads provide a really unique sensation when you’re using a dildo vaginally, and one that I really liked.

IMG_20140801_201938077I also wore this as a plug when I met up once with a brief and slightly unsatisfying hookup buddy, and it definitely improved the experience for me (and he thought it was hot).

Another great thing about this plug is that it surprisingly stays put really well for its shape and size. When I come, my body would like to expel all the things from all the orifices, and the Casanova, while it looks like it wouldn’t stay in place well, actually does. In fact, the Casanova is one of my top “stays in place when I come” plugs.

The Casanova comes in blue or pink, and arrives in a super-friendly, gender-neutral box. Inside the box it’s encased in plastic. The box is really not ideal storage, but I like it for its simplicity. It’s not discreet, but there also aren’t naked people on it. It’s 100% silicone, it’s nonporous and non-toxic, and easily cleaned with antibacterial soap and water. If you want to sanitize it, you can spray it down with a 10% bleach solution or boil it for three minutes. And it’s inexpensive; you can get it for $20 at Good Vibrations!  You can also check it out at some of my other favorite stores: Shevibe and Early to Bed.

Thanks to Good Vibrations for sending me the Casanova in exchange for a non-biased review!

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